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Tomorrow Ravencoin (RVN) will be forking at 16:00:00 UTC and the fork comes with a change from the current X16R to the new X16RV2 algorithm and you need to make sure you are ready for the switch. First off you need to make sure that you have the latest Raven Core wallet installed (if you do use a local wallet). Mining pools should be updated already or should make sure they are also ready for the switch of the algorithm before the fork occurs, so nothing to worry about that, just make sure that the mining ports and URLs will remain the same after the fork. You would of course also need to update your mining software, depending on the hardware you use, in order to be able to continue mining wit the next X16Rv2 algorithm after the fork occurs. There are already a couple of software miners that announced support for the X16Rv2, though not all of the ones with X16R support are ready for the new algorithm, below are listed the ones that already support X16Rv2 mining on AMD, Nvidia and CPUs.

Nvidia GPU miners with X16Rv2 support:
z-enemy 2.2 Nvidia GPU miner (1% dev fee)
T-Rex 0.14.4 Nvidia GPU miner (1% dev fee)

AMD GPU miners with X16Rv2 support:
teamredminer v0.5.9 AMD GPU miner (2.5% dev fee)

CPU miners with X16Rv2 support:
cpuminer-opt 3.9.8 CPU miner (free and opensource)

The Ravencoin Dev team has now confirmed the upcoming algorithm changes to the new X16Rv2 algorithm planned to happen on Tuesday October 1st 2019 at 16:00:00 UTC. The new X16Rv2 will have the algorithm Tiger into three separate parts of the current X16R algo with the Tiger hash performed before the algorithms Luffa512, Keccak512, and SHA512. A new build should be made available this week or at the beginning of the next (version 2.5.0) that will have the algorithm switch in it. The new build will also be fixing some bugs, and adding some improvements into the Ravencoin Core Client. It is recommended that all users/nodes update to 2.5.0 as soon as it becomes available even though there is more than a month before the algorithm switch. Meanwhile GPU miners interested in continuing to mine RVN with the new X16Rv2 algorithm should monitor heir favorite mining software as support for the new algo is being announced in upcoming updates…