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The active development for the WildRig Multi AMD GPU miner continues with full force with new algorithms, performance improvements and new features being added constantly. Since the last time we covered the miner there have been numerous new algorithms added as supported to the WildRig Multi miner – X16R, X16S, Timetravel and HEX along with some performance improvements for some of the already supported algorithms. Support for more new algorithms is probably coming soon with ones such as Bitcore, Xevan, Lbk3, X22i being the most likely candidates along with a benchmark mode for easier testing of the performance the software provides.

Do note that the WildRig Multi currently supports only AMD GPUs with the newer RX series and VEGA supported out of the box and a separate download of binary kernels needed for older R9 series Fiji, Hawaii and Tonga. Unlike its predecessor the WildRig Multi miner does not support Nvidia GPUs, it will only work on AMD-based mining rigs. The WildRig Multi 0.12.0 Beta is currently available for Windows, Ubuntu Linux and HiveOS as a closed source binary and with a 2% developer fee built-in by default, though it can be reduced.

To download and try the WildRig Multi 0.12.0 Beta multi-algorithm miner for Windows/Linux…


There is now a new fork of sgminer 5.0 beta that brings x17 algorithm support for mining crypto currencies such as People’s Coin (PPL) on AMD-based GPUs. The new fork is by the developer of the PPL coin (source) and it completest the GPU support along with the already available ccminer X17 fork by djm34 for Nvidia GPUs. We have compiled a windows binary from the latest source of the miner and tested it on an AMD Radeon R9 280X GPU getting almost 2500 KHS. You can download and try the windows binary yourself from the link below. Do note it is recommended to be using the latest 14.6/14.7 beta drivers from AMD in order to get the best performance.

To download the new sgminer fork with x17 algorithm support for Windows OS…