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After a number of 4.x beta releases here comes the XMRig 5.0.0 that is first stable unified 3 in 1 GPU+CPU release (first introduced in v4.5.0-beta), OpenCL support builtin into the miner and not require additional external dependencies on compile time, NVIDIA CUDA available as external CUDA plugin, for convenient, 3 in 1 downloads with recent CUDA version also provided (CUDA 10.1). This release is based on the 4.x.x beta series and include all features from v4.6.2-beta, so nothing that much new as features added in the latest stable release. Do note that version 5.0 has the algorithm cn/wow removed (previously used by Wownero) as the project now uses rx/wow – RandomWOW (RandomX variant for Wownero).

Lately we were following closely the XMRig miner software as the one mostly focused on the new RandomX CPU algorithm and its few already available variants, but now it seems that XMRig is getting some competition in the face of the SRBMiner-MULTI miner software that has recently added support for RandomX and variants and is already up to date in terms of performance. XMRig however still has the advantage of being open source and cross platform plus the Nvidia GPU support as SRBMiner-MULTI is a closed source miner available currently only for Windows with CPU and AMD GPU support for a more limited number of algorithms.

To download and try the latest version of the XMRig CPU miner with RandomX support…

The XMRig miner is what you would go for if you are interested in mining the RandomX CPU algorithm or any of its variations. While the miner does support CPU and GPU mining for RandomX and other algorithms up until now you had to download separate versions depending on the type of mining hardware you wanted to use, but this is needed no more. The latest XMRig 4.5.0 beta release comes as a unified 3 in 1 miner that supports CPU mining as well as AMD and Nvidia GPU mining. Of course if you are only interested in RandomX mining then you probably want to use CPU mining as GPUs do not perform nowhere near as good as a more recent higher-end multi-core processor does (especially the latest AMD Ryzen CPUs). Then again XMRig does support a number of other algorithms as well and RandomX is not as usable and interesting as of this moment anyway, though in the near future things may significantly change… who knows.

To download and try the latest version of the XMRig CPU miner with RandomX support…