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Tpruvot, one of the ccMiner developers has released a test version of his fork with Decred (DCR) support with getwork over the stratum protocol (source) along with the needed support for yiimp (source), his fork of the yaamp multipool software. We have compiled a Windows binary from the test version with Decred support and getwork over the stratum and have tested it on to see how well it is performing. The result was just as you would expect from any good mining pool with stratum support – no stale shares and properly working difficulty adjustment. This version also comes with the regular getwork support, so it will work with the regular Decred mining pools as well. You are welcomed to try mining Decred on the Yiimp pool with the test version of ccMiner 1.7.3 form tpruvot, the Windows binary below is a 32-bit one, compiled with VS2013 and CUDA 6.5 and it should be compatible with older Compute 2.0 or later Nvidia GPUs plus a 64-bit one with CUDA 7.5 for Compute 3.5 and newer GPUs.

Update: The Decred (DCR) mining pool at Suprnova ( now also has a stratum enabled port that will work with this miner, so you can test it there as well if you are mining Decred with Nvidia GPUs. Download again for the latest updates that should help resove issues people are having with stratum on Suprnova.

To download the latest ccMiner version 1.7.3 by tpruvot with Decred support for Windows OS…


Time for another update of the complete packages based on the Miner Control tool for Nvidia GeForce GT 750 Ti and AMD Radon R9 280x GPUs due to hte latest developments in the mining world. The latest versions you can download from the links below include some updates and it removes the YAAMP pool support as it has become a part of NiceHash and currently redirects to their stratum servers. The latest updates also includes the most recent versions of SP-MOD’s ccMiner for Nvidia Maxwell as well as the sgminer fork with increased performance for Quark and Qubit with pre-compiled Binary Kernels for 280X. The two Miner Control tool packages are based on the latest fork of Miner Control from KBomba version 1.6.4.

To be ready to use the packages you just need to update the account settings for each pool to reflect your BTC payment address. Do note that the default configuration that we have set is mining from time to time for the author of the software (Miner Control) as a donation alternative, but you can change that setting should you wish to. The packages are ready to be used with either AMD Radeon R9 280X or Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 Ti cards, but you can also us the Nvidia package for other GPUs or more cards – what you may need to reflect however in the config file is the total hashrate and power usage. Since the AMD packages contains not only specific settings for AMD Radeon R9 280X, but also pre-compiled binary kernels specifically for that particular card if using it with other GPUs you will actually be getting lower hashrate, though n problem to use it with multiple 280X cards.

To download the Miner Control 1.6.4 AMD Radeon R9 280x ready to use pack for Windows…
To download the Miner Control 1.6.4 Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti ready to use pack for Windows…


In light of the recent news that YAAMP has been bought by NiceHash there is still something good – the source code of the mining pool is now available on GitHub as an open source project. It seems that the deal with NiceHash is not about the code of the multi pool service, but is for the domain and the user base that the service has. So the people behind Yaamp have decided to release the code of the website instead of selling it to someone . So if you want to run a pool service such as what Yaamp offered, then you might want to check their source code, there is not that much documentation available yet, but you should be able to figure things out if you have some experience.

To view the source code of the Yaamp crypto mining pool available on GitHub…