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It seems that another crypto project has moved to RandomX as a Proof of Work mining algorithm – YadaCoin. Yada is a blockchain social media protocol that uses YadaCoins for social interactions, and even though the project started in 2018 it seems to be slow in getting a lot of attention. We just recently discovered it thanks to the RandomX fork they had a few days ago and while we wanted to give it a try and mine some coins, unfortunately our efforts ended up in vain. We could not make the official Windows mining software to work (no pools yet, only solo mining), have not tried mining under Linux, though unfortunately there is not much information available to help… not even on the fork itself. It seems that unless you have been following the development from the start you might have trouble getting to understand how to make things work and that is never a good thing for a crypto project that wants to become mainstream, let alone one that wants to build a social media blockchain.

If you like digging and tryign things out, then you might give YadaCoin with RandomX mining a try…