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Now that ZeusMiner has announced that they are cancelling the Volcano and GEN III chips and focusing on their cloud mining platform ZeusHash we decided to do a check on its profitability. Taking as a base 1 MHS Scrypt hashrate with a price of $15.99 USD with $0.059 USD per MHS maintenance fee and 1 GHS SHA-256 hashrate at a price of $0.889 USD and $0.003 USD per GHS daily maintenance fee. In the table above we calculated what is the current estimated earnings and what are the actual earnings from ZeusHash for the last 24 hours and then have subtracted the maintenance fees from the total earned amount. We have used the current LTC price of about $3.58 USD and BTC price of about $326 USD to estimate the actual earnings as the maintenance fees remain in USD. As you can see from the table above with the current low prices of LTC and BTC over 60% of your mined coins go towards the maintenance fees, making your actual profit a small part of what you have actually mined. When you do the math and calculate the ROI time with the current market conditions the end result is not pleasing – close to a year and a half if the difficulty does not increase and the prices remain the same.

Update: A few hours after we have published this article ZeusHash maintenance fee for Bitcoin cloud mining hashrate has been lowered from $0.003 USD per GHS down to $0.0023 USD, so we have reflected the updated price in the table above. With the new lower fees the percent you need to pay as fees for the Bitcoin rate is below 50%, making the investment in Bitcoin mining hashrate seem like the better choice of the two. Normally you’d expect that to be other way around considering that ZeusMiner is making LTC ASIC miners and their BTC mining hardware comes from partners.

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