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One of the first people to get their ZeusMiner Blizzard Scrypt ASICs has posted some photos and videos of the unboxing of his new miner on his blog, he shows the disassembly of the miner and the Zeus ASIC chips inside and then then the miner happily hashing at multipool as well. The blog itself is not published in English, but the post about the ZeusMiner Blizzard is in English.


If you are interested in the device you might want to check out these photos and videos following the link below. Meanwhile our test order of a ZeusMiner Blizzard still shows it is currently being processed and we do hope that it will be shipped in the next few days, so that we’ll be able to share our hands-on experience with the device and the new Zeus 55nm Scrypt ASIC chips.

To check out the photos and videos of the ZeusMiner Blizzard posted at Bitcoinupdate…