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MinerEU, an official Gridseed and ZeusMiner distributor, has announced today a new summer sale of Scrypt ASIC miners and the promotional prices they now have for some of the miners are really attractive. In fact these new prices make it really much more attractive to order from MinerEU than to purchase directly from ZeusMiner, especially the larger Hurricane and Thunder miners that you can currently get at half their normal price. So if you were considering to buy some Scrypt ASIC miners and not do some pre-order, then you might want to check this promotion.

– ZeusMiner Blizzard – $80 USD
– ZeusMiner Hurricane X3 – $460 USD
– ZeusMiner Thunder X3 – $850 USD
– Gridseed G-Blade – $300 USD

Furthermore if you buy 4 or more ZeusMiner Blizzard miners you can use the promotional code blizz240 in order to get a price of $60 USD per unit instead of the regular single unit price of $80 USD. What we would really want to see however is a price promotion for the A2-based Scrypt ASIC miners as well, though apparently Innosilicon is still selling their 28nm Scrypt ASIC chips at pretty high prices and as a result their miners are still much more expensive compared to the competition for the same hashrate.


Great news for everyone in Europe that is interested in purchasing a ZeusMiner Scrypt ASIC as we just got a word that MinerEU has become an official distributor of Zeus Integrated Systems Limited. This means that you can now get good prices and fast shipping time from Europe with no need to pay additional (VAT) or customs taxes if you are based in the European Union.


Here you can see how MinerEU will be updating the prices of the ZeusMiner Scrypt ASICs they are going to be offering depending on the week you order your miners. These are absolutely the same prices that you can get directly from Zeus, however if you are based in EU and you order from MinerEU you are not going to have to pay so much for shipping and extra costs like VAT or customs taxes. At the moment they have listed the ZeusMiner Blizard and ZeusMiner Hurricane X3 with delivery starting on June 17th, 2014 according to the information published on their website.