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A few days ago ZeusMiner has released a teaser video about their new Scrypt ASIC miner prototypes with 30% lower power usage. And now they have officially announced the new models with their specifications and made them available for pre-order. ZeusMiner calls the new miners Next Generation Miners and they have introduced 4 new models, claiming to have cut the power consumption in almost half compared to the previous generation of miners.

The Next Gen ZeusMiner Scrypt ASICs include:

– LIGHTNING X6 – 42-44Mh/s – 980W – 16kg – $2,199 USD
– THUNDER X6 – 18-20Mh/s – 450W – 9kg – $1,099 USD
– HURRICANE X6 – 9-10Mh/s – 230W – 3kg – $399 USD
– BLIZZARD X6 – 3.6+Mh/s – 110W – 1.5kg – $229 USD

The new miners are supposed to be shipped out within 7 days of pre-ordering, however do note that these pre-orders do require full payment. And for the first batch of the next gen miners ZeusMiner is giving away free bonus Scrypt ASIC miners from the previous generation along with your new miner. So essentially you are getting almost like between 1/3 and 1/2 more hashpower than the standard hashrate for a single new miner, and this is not a bad deal at all.

Now, if you wonder how Zeus has managed to squeeze more hashrare from the same 55nm Scrypt ASIC chips they are using or alternatively how they have managed to lower the power consumption, well the answer is pretty easy. They have apparently squeezed more chips running on lower frequency/voltage and thus needing less power and producing less heat. This makes the production price of the ASIC higher, however is the easiest way to optimize performance and hashrate without having to make new chips. In fact we have already seen other ASIC manufacturers taking advantage of the same approach and it works well for both the company and the customers, giving some extra time to develop new hardware.

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We have already talked about Minera earlier when it was released as a web-based frontend for Gridseed Scrypt ASIC miners based on sandor111’s CPUminer fork for Gridseed. However the development of Minera did not stop with Gridseed support and the latest version offers much broader support and additional useful features, making it an interesting option for using a Raspberry Pi to control your ASIC hardware. The latest version of Minera comes with sandor111’s CPUminer-GC3355 fork for Gridseed, CGminer Dmaxl Zeus fork for ZeusMiner ASICs as well as the original BFGminer and CGminer software miners and the ASIC miners they support. At the moment Minera is probably going to be most useful to miners using ZeusMiner Scrypt ASICs and we do recommend if you have one of these devices along with a RPi that you are not using for something else to check it out.

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ZeusMiner is apparently working hard in improving the power consumption of their Scrypt ASIC miners and they have just released a video showing some new prototypes with 30% better power efficiency compared to the already available products. The new devices should be capable of providing 19-20 MHS with less than 400W of power usage and 9-10 MHS with less than 200W according to the latest update from Zeus. These numbers sure do look better than what the current power consumption of the ZeusMiner Scrypt ASIC miners is, but are still far from what we were promised before the company has finalized their products. There are still more powerful 55nm Scrypt ASIC miners, in terms of hashrate, that do offer lower power usage than what the new miners from Zeus should be providing. The advantage that ZeusMiners do have however is the more attractive price of the hardware, and that can be a reason enough for people with cheaper electricity to go for them.

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