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There is a new update of the zjazz CUDA Miner 0.97 for the Cuckoo Cycle algorithm that is being used by the Merit (MRT) and BitCash (BITC) projects. The new version comes with a number of improvements in functionality improvements, including support for BitCash mining on 3GB Nvdia GPUs (Merit was already supported on these), basic ccminer-like API support, list of failover pools is now supported and more to make mining better and problem free experience. You can find the full changelog of the new release below.

zjazz CUDA Miner 0.97 Changelog:

- Bitcash 3Gb GPUs support on Windows
- Linux CUDA 9.1 and CUDA 9.2 binaries
- First API version: ccminer-like. summary, pool, gpus and quit functions available. -b/--api-bind
- List of failover pools added. Use multiple times -o (--url)
- GPU timeout feature added: Application quits if new blocks from stratum are received and GPUs are not mining. Timeout value can be set with --gpu-timeout
- Improved stats, show hashrate detailed per GPU with --hashrate-per-gpu
- Bugfix for the --cuckoo-intensity 18 issue
- Added some debug info messages. --debug-info to enable them
- User friendly GPU memory errors presentation
- Set the number of threads per device --device-gpu-threads
- Hashrate reliable % message added
- Per line ok/ko state message added
- Force GPU processing to stop when connection with stratum server is lost
- Time to wait before reconnecting configurable: -R/--retry-pause parameter added

The Cuckoo Cycle algorithm is CPU intensive and the zjazz CUDA miner provides multiple options to reduce the CPU load if you are mining on a GPU mining rig with a slower processor that is having trouble coping up, so make sure you check these out. Do note that the zjazz CUDA Miner is a closed source software available as binary releases for both Windows and Linux and comes with a built-in development fee of 2%.

To download and try the latest zjazz Nvidia CUDA GPU Miner v0.97 for Windows and Linux…

Something interesting for everyone that has taken interest in Merit (MRT) and is mining the crypto currency, a new third parity Nvidia GPU miner for the Cuckoo cycle algorithm used by the project is now available. If you still have not checked Merit, but are interested read more about it in our post and you can request an invite since we currently have a few more extra available to give out. Since invites are limited and hard to acquire, please apply only if you really are interested in trying out Merit and do not waste them without a reason.

The just released zjazz CUDA miner is intended to provide alternative to the official miner, giving more flexibility and stability as well as performance in some cases. The new miner comes with multiple options to reduce the CPU load for GPU mining rigs with slower CPUs (Merit mining is still CPU heavy) or to maximize performance on mining machines with more powerful processors increasing the hashrate you get. There are multiple options available to play with that control CPU load and mining performance depending on your mining hardware. More importantly the miner itself seems more stable and does not seem to be crashing on systems that we have experienced crashes from the official Merit miner. Do note however that the zjazz CUDA Miner is a closed source software and comes with a built-in development fee of 2% and there is currently Windows only binary available.

To download and try the new zjazz Merit (MRT) Nvidia CUDA GPU Miner v0.93 for Windows…