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VPNcoin (VPN) POS Alternative Cryptocoin

24 Jul


VPNCOIN (VPN) is a new digital currency. As the first practical virtual currency, using the proof-of-stake, it integrates the function of VPN proxy to get to Internet. The unique encryption technology makes the web proxy more safe and reliable. You have only to open the wallet to gain interest, and also can use encryption protocol to connect internet and break through all kinds of firewall restrictions that make you now see the real internet world and never worry that the technical data can not be downloaded and theme website cannot be accessed.

In terms of proxy functions:
1. Through the practical function of VPNCOIN wallet, you can access the internet, for example: Face book, You Tube, Twitter and other well-known foreign websites.
2. Changing your local computer’s IP address, encrypting network data, and fully protecting your online privacy.
3. Breaking through network restriction, such as company network, campus network, enterprise internal network (LAN), accessing the restricted content or website, and application software.
4. Reducing network delay, solving the problems of computer crashed, network drop and difficult login by network game high latency, and making the online game experience more fluent.
5. More network applications, looking forward to your experience.
6. When IPJOIN is in combination with Virtual currency wallet, it can make a new dark net like TOR or I2P. On this net, you can Create infinite function, such as VPN sevicers, anonymous websites.
7. You can do VPN sevices\P2Ptalk\Transfer files´╝îor some another on open beta wallet.

VPNcoin wallet app can let everyone become as VPN service providers, if you select as VPN service providers, other user pay VPN coin to you.


Block Explorer:

Coin Specifications

  • PoS+Scrypt Encryption technology
  • Total coins: 400000000 VPN
  • Block time: 60 seconds
  • 10 Confirmations
  • 120 maturity


Source Code:
at GitHub

Mining Pools:
PoS only coin, no mining pools available.

Coin Exchanges:

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