RebTech is a Romanian company that you may never heard of, but they do offer some interesting GPU mining related products that you might be interested in checking out. We are mostly interested in the RebTech Blockchain Motherboard that and the RebTech Blockchain Video Card as both products are certainly interesting in their design and functionality and are clearly made with GPU miners in mind. The company also seems to be building what they call Blockchain mining servers based on these two products they offer, so you might be interested in these as well. But first let us take a look at the Blockchain motherboard and video card and why they are so interesting…

The RebTech USB-VGA AMD Radeon RX470 8GB video card may seem like a traditional RX 470 GPU, but it is not, it is designed specifically for use for GPU mining (Ethereum in particular as a focus). These GPUs do come with a built-in PCI-E extender via USB transfer cable with direct USB connector onboard instead of a traditional PCI-E slot. They use a specific mounting plane and the lack of a traditional x16 PCI-E slot on the board allows for some clever new ways of mounting the GPUs. Even though they are apparently designed to be used for mining these video cards still do feature a single HDMI video output, so that you can connect a display. Now we would love to see similar designs with more powerful AMD GPUs as well as with Nvidia GPUS…

The RebTech 8GPU-MB mining motherboard is what is more interesting here as it offers an all-in-one solution with everything you need to setup up to 8x GPU mining rig with it. The motherboard comes with AMD A6-8500 CPU with integrated GPU, 4G DDR3 RAM, 120G MSATA SSD and features 8x USB/PCI-E extenders on board. The whole thing is similar in size and in form factor to a GPU and you can apparently mount it just like another video card in your mining configuration. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that the motherboard is powered with 12V only via a single 6-pin PCI-E power connector, again just like a video card. This means that you can go with a cheaper and more efficient server-type power supply that only outputs 12V, similar to what most popular ASIC miners go along with.

Both the RebTech Blockchain Motherboard and the Blockchain Video Cards are interesting products for miners, especially for those interested into larger scale operations as the products do offer some interesting and very useful advantages. The only thing that worries us a bit here is that although the company claims to be in the mining business since 2012 their website is just two months old…

With mining profits diminishing lately it is always a good idea to be on a lookout for new and profitable coins to mine, regardless if you are using GPUs or ASIC miners. So you might want to give the Coin Claculators service a try and see if you can find something new and interesting. It tracks close to 300 crypto coins and can mining profitability calculators available for GPU miners with presets for the hashrate for the more common AMD and Nvidia GPUs as well as ASIC miners with presets for S9, L3+ and D3. You can of course also set your own hashrates for each algorithm, so you are not limited only to the presets available, though they help for a quick check. There is also a Dual Mining profit calculator, however it is a bit limited in functionality. There are also individual mining profitability calculators available for the supported coins for when you are not looking what is most profitable to be mined. There is also a mobile app available for Android on the Google play store (no iOS for now), so you might check it out as well if interested.

For more information and to check out the Coin Calculators mining profitability service…

There is a new miner on the block called BXB-Miner that supports many different variants of the CryptoNight algorithm intended for AMG GPU miners, though it also supports CPU mining, that comes with a graphical user interface (kind of) as you still need to the the setup in a config file. It is a closed source miner, available only for Windows for the moment, though surprisingly there is no developer fee as we are used to see with most non-opensource miners.

BXB-Miner works with:
– Cryptonight
– Cryptonight v7
– Cryptonight-Heavy (Bixbite, Sumocoin)
– New Stellite
– New Haven
– IPBC, Alloy
– Cryptonight Lite
– Cryptonight Lite v7

Performance wise the miner does seem to do pretty well compared to other alternatives, though do note that the BXB-Miner is still in early beta, so there is a more work needed to make it more user friendly. Still you might be interested in giving it a try.

For more information and to try out the new BXB-Miner CryptoNight AMD GPU miner…