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Lately there have been a number of PoW-based Layer 1 crypto projects that were doing quite decent for mining with GPUs such as Kaspa (KAS), Radiant (RXD), IronFish (IRON) that are all now mineable on FPGAs and KAS even on ASIC miners, so, mining on GPUs kind of makes no sense for these projects. NEXA is also apparently soon to follow in their footsteps with FPGAs to support it, though even now not very profitable for mining on GPUs probably due to the recent listing on NiceHash. The good news is that GPU miners still do have a choice and there are some other interesting projects you can look into, one such relatively project is Neurai (XNA) and that one in particular is currently among the most profitable coins to be mined on Nvidia GPUs, though the profit is not insane, at least you should be on the plus side even at the moment.

According to the officia website the Neurai (XNA) aims to be a platform to enable harnessing the power of AI algorithms for efficient data analytics, predictive modelling, decision making and connectivity to IoT devices using blockchain assets. The project is based on the Ravencoin (RVN) code and uses the KAWPOW hashing algorithm for mining, so good news for GPU miners. Even though if you are familiar with that algorithm you would know it is not the most power efficient one, meaning higher usage compared to KAS as the algo is both GPU and memory intensive. Neurai (XNA) uses 1-minute block time and has 8 MB block size, the maximum number of XNA coins is 21 Billion and the project utilizes micro halvings with 5% every 10 days and it is expected that around 57% of the total coins will be mined in the first year. That is good news for everyone that jumps earlier into mining of buying some coins than later on.

Neurai (XNA) is mineable on multiple pools with the biggest one currently being Rplant with over half the network hashrate, though you can also mine on Neuraipool, Zergpool, Ekapool, Zpool and others. An exchange where you can already trade mined XNA coins is TxBit or you can get a bag and hold it while the price is still very low.

You can mine Neurai (XNA) on any mining software that supports the KAWPOW algorithm, though the latest updated software that has separate XNA support officially is bzMiner 15.4.0. Below you can find an example for mining XNA on Nvidia RTX 3070 GPU with a hashrate of about 29-30 MH/s per GPU using a moderate power limit of 150W, 1250 MHz GPU clock and +1000 MHz on the video memory:

bzminer -a xna -w YOUR_WALLET.WORKER_ID -p stratum+ssl:// --nc 1 --oc_power_limit 150 --oc_lock_core_clock 1250 --oc_memory_clock_offset 1000

Do not forget to replace the YOUR_WALLET and WORKER_ID with your own in order to be able to actually mine, also the example uses Rplant as a mining pool. You can vary the hashrate up and down, bur for more you would also need to increase the power consumption without not that much of improvement in terms of hashrate, a good step down is to go for 120W power limit with lower memory and clock for if you want less power consumption.

For more information about the Neurai (XNA) crypto project…

The CLORE AI platform is trying to build a distributed supercomputer where regular users can offer their computational power and get paid in BTC for the use of their hardware as well as being rewarded with CLORE coins. The project runs a marketplace that can offer computational power from distributed network of providers all around the world at unbeatable prices and you can join in with your hardware as well as long as you have an Nvidia GPU-equipped computer. There is also the CLORE Blockchain where CLORE coins can be mined using the KAWPOW algorithm (the same one used by RavenCoin – RVN) that are a part of the project’s ecosystem.

The CLORE Blockchain has total supply of 1,300,000,000 coins with the block reward decreasing a little bit with every new block (starting at 542 coins per block and currently around 527 at block 64000), the block time is 1 minute. Do note however that the block reward is being split at 50% for the GPU miners, 40% as rewards for the hosting providers and 10% as developer fee to be used for the growth of the platform. CLORE AI already has a fully functional GPU compute marketplace, that can be used for any workload that runs on Linux, basically any AI workload, rendering, transcoding, password recovery etc.

There are already more than 10 mining pools supporting CLORE mining with the largest in terms of hashrate being, and CLORE is already available for trading on Exbitron and TxBit along with some smaller ones as well. You can mine with any of the GPU miners that have support for the KAWPOW algorithm such as GMiner, T-Rex, WildRig Multi, NBMiner etc. depending on your mining hardware you can choose what performs best in terms of hashrate. KAWPOW is both a GPU and memory intensive algorithm, so a higher power usage is to be expected from the GPUs for best performance unlike some other GPU only or memory only intensive algorithms where you may optimize power usage.

For more details about the CLORE Blockchain as a part of the CLORE.AI platform…

Lately it hasn’t been easy finding a profitable coins to mine after Ethereum (ETH) switched to PoS, but there are some new projects that are worth checking out as they are gaining user attention. Interestingly enough they are not using the Ethash mining algorithm that has been used by ETH, but instead rely on KawPoW – the same algorithm used by RavenCoin (RVN). One of these coins new coins that is doing quite well is called MeowCoin or MEWC that is lately hovering near the top spot in terms of most profitable coin to be mined with GPUs at the current market conditions according to WhattoMine for instance (most profitable compare to other cryptos, not that it may generate a lot of profit).

The according to the Whitepaper of MEWC the aim of the project is tokenizing pets on the blockchain with important information regarding the asset to be lodged and made available for all to see such as Address of owner, Medical history, Microchip number, Animal lineage, Animal pedigree papers etc. Furthermore MeowCoin can apparently also provide the framework which a global pet retail loyalty scheme could be based. Interestingly enough even part of the blockchain reward is held over by the administration of MeowCoin to provide financial donations to animal shelters.

If you are interested in mining MEWC you can try some of the larger mining pools in terms of hashrate supporting the coin already such as , Rplant Mining Pool or PapyMiner Mining Pool or the FastPool Mining Pool. MeowCoin can be traded on a few smaller crypto exchanges as well such as TradeOgre, Graviex, Exbitron, TxBit, although you should have in mind that the trading volume on most of them is not very high, there is already trading going on.

Mining on GPUs for KawPoW coins such as MEWC is possible with a number of mining software solutions such as Z-Enemy Miner, WildRig Multi, XMRig, TeamRedMiner, Bminer, Gminer, NBMiner, TT-Miner and others although our preferred choice currently is to use the latest T-Rex miner for Nvidia GPUs mining RavenCoin (RVN) and othwr KawPoW crypto coins such as MEWC. Besides MeowCoin (MEWC), you might also want to check out two more other new KawPoW crypto coins and these are KawKaw – a gaming oriented crypto and PROCYON COON COIN – another fun meme coin that you can mine.