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If you are into Bitcoin, mining and DIY projects you’ve probably seen the Bitaxe open source hardware Bitcoin ASIC miner project that is based around a single Bitmain BM1397 ASIC chip capable of a hashrate of up to 400 GH/s with just 15 Watts of power usage and the more recent Bitaxe Ultra variant that uses a single Bitmain BM1366 ASIC chip for better efficiency at 550 GH/s with the same 15 Watts of power usage (or the BittaxeHex design for a 6x BM1366 chips). If you are not the DIY person that want to solder and build the open-source design of the Bitaxe yourself there are prebuilt versions ready to be plugged in and used already available as well. The guys at D-Central have gone even further and their MiniBit designs that make things not only easier for the regular crypto user or miner, but also add style with their custom 3D printer S9-like mini cases…

The MiniBit 1397 Powered by Bitaxe is the single BM1397 Bitcoin ASIC version that is capable of the same performance of up to 400 GH/s that the regular Bitaxe provides but with more style priced at $148 USD. It includes the fully assembled Bitaxe v2.2, a 15 Watt 5V 4A power supply unit, and the Mini-S9 3D-printed shell… ready to be configured and start mining BTC. The slightly more powerful and more expensive MiniBit 1366 Powered by Bitaxe Ultra comes with a single BM1366 Bitcoin ASIC chip that offers up to 550 GH/s mining hashrate at the same power usage level and with the same PSU and Mini-S9 shell like the MiniBit 1397. The price of the MiniBit 1366 is currently $170.20 USD. You can also get the regular Bitaxe pre-assembled for $99.90 or the DIY version for $70.30 USD from the D-Central online store. Do note that they are based in Canada and shipping is going to be done from there!

Now, have in mind that these Bitcoin miners are not meant to be used in mining farms, they are meant to be used by home miners that want to have an affordable and not that powerful, but very efficient ASIC miner to play around with and experiment. That is why there is no talk about profitability or return of investment with these as that is not their original goal. The Bitaxe is ideal for solo mining as a low power/low hashrate design, though you can use it on a pool if you wish to as well. It is pretty much standalone device as it uses WiFi for internet connectivity, so it needs just a cable for the power supply unit. It is low-power and is not noisy, though you might want to experiment with the cooling fans to make it even more silent (hint: Noctua). So, the Bitaxe is more of a fun Bitcoin mining “toy” to play around with and experiment (remember it is also an opensource design)… just go ahead and get one.

Visit the D-Central online shop for your Bitaxe-based miner needs…