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There are many tools for Linux including some specialized Linux-based mining distributions for monitoring different GPU mining rigs, but when talking about Windows-based mining rigs things are usually very different. With Windows mining rigs most people either rely on Team Viewer or another method of remotely connecting to the computer and monitoring directly the console window of the miner the PC is currently running. So here comes something useful for Windows-based Ethereum mining rigs that can save you the trouble of using remote connections all the time just to check the status of a mining rig – the Ethereum Windows monitoring tool. It is actually a set of tools and scripts that make it possible to open just a single webpage and see the status of your Ethereum mining rig in a short and useful way along with the mining hardware status such as operating temperatures, load, clocks and fan speed. The monitoring tool is designed to work with the standard ethminer, but it might be adaptable to other miners as well, though that might not be an easy task for novice users. The tool is still currently in an early version and might not be completely free of bugs and might not be that user friendly for everyone, but it is an interesting thing to try if you are mining Ethereum on Windows GPU mining rigs.

For more details, to download and to try out the Ethereum Windows monitoring tool…