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The recent controversy surrounding STEEM and the Seemit project after it has been acquired by Justin Sun, followed by a decision of a large group of Steem community members to fork it to an independent project has been made and it is now a fact – meet HIVE. Today HIVE was born forking from STEEM carrying on most of the current state of the STEEM blockchain, but also becoming totally independent after the fork. Aside from the content and users at the point of time the blockchain snapshot has been made, their STEEM balances have been transferred to HIVE as 1:1 ratio with exchanges trading STEEM hopefully going t be doing the same, especially if they do plan to support HIVE.

There are currently over 30 experienced developers contributing to the new ecosystem, alongside many committed community members working on multiple aspects of Hive. These individuals may announce their participation through their own accounts in the future. This a true community effort, and therefore is open to all. Hive will remain open source, and open to everyone who wants to contribute to the future development of the blockchain.

If you had a STEEM account prior to the fork happening today,then most likely you will have a HIVE account as well, you can login in both platforms to check and also confirm your content and coin holdings are there as well. From now on, if you register at either of the platforms you will have an account only on one of them, you need to register on both to be able to use them as they are going their separate ways after the successful fork. If you need a places to trade HIVE coins, you can head on to Bittrex and Binance.

If you want to check out the new Hive Blog frontend of the HIVE blockchain…