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The AEON Project has been available for a while already, launched back in 2014 using CryptoNight-Lite as Proof of Work algorithm, but apparently a few days ago, on October 25th, there was a successful fork to a new PoW mining algorithm called K12. KangarooTwelve (K12) Keccak is an algorithm that is already available for FPGA and might eventually also be made available for ASIC miners in the future, so it is an interesting move considering what most other crypto projects are doing – getting away from FPGA/ASIC mining and even GPU mining for some lately. According to CoinMarketCap AEON is currently ranked around the 500th place with a market capitalization of around 4 Million USD and a low trading volume of less than 10K daily. It will be interesting to see how will things progress some more days after the fork to the new K12 FPGA algorithm.

If you are interested in mining AEON with FPGA miners, you might want to check out Hash Altcoin’s Blackminer F1 miners, do note however that the mini miners do not seem to currently support the new K12 algorithm. If you are interested in purchasing F1 FPGA miner and have it hosted by Hash Altcoin by the end of this month there is a nice promo with a $500 USD coupon for electricity. You can also use our invitation code ZLOZLA in order to get a $100 USD coupon code for your next order (can be used for electricity costs as well if hosted by them). Some good crypto exchanges to trade AEON coins include Bittrex and HitBTC.

For more details about the AEON crypto project and its latest fork to the new K12 algorithm…