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When we are talking about hardware crypto wallets for storing Bitcoin and other popular crypto coins Ledger is usually the name that comes to mind first and their Nano and Nano X wallets are probably the most used solutions for self-custody of crypto nowadays. Well, Ledger just announced a new hardware crypto wallet called Ledger Stax and this one has been designed by Tony Fadell, the designer of the Apple’s iPod. The new device comes with a large curved E-Ink display and a touchscreen and larger smartphone-like design and is indeed quite cool looking in terms of design and Ledger Stax should start shipping end of March 2023 it is already available for pre-order on the official website of Ledger already for $279 USD.

The new Ledger Stax claims support for over 5000 crypto coins as well as NFT support. Compact in size and modern in terms of design and features with USB-C support and Bluetooth along with wireless charging, a visual and easy to use interface to make it even more attractive for the normal user and not only for advanced users. Ledger apparently will try to do with Stax for Crypto what iPod did for Music, and they may be on the right track and that goes not only for employing “the right designer”. Ledger claims to have sold over 5 million Nano and Nano X devices so far and for sure they do hope to sell much more of the new Stax (yes you can stack these wallets indeed apparently) in the coming years with a larger adoption of crypto.

Ledger Stax Technical Specifications:
– Finish: Aluminum and plastic with embedded magnets for stackability
– Color: Black
– Secure Element Chip: ST33K1M5, Chip Certification: CC EAL5+
– Power & Battery: Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with 200 mAh (milliampere/hour)
– Stays on for several months when left unused and at full charge**
– Qi wireless charging
– Size & Weight: Credit card-sized
– Dimensions: 85mm x 54mm x 6mm
– Weight: 45.2g
– Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2 to connect to a smartphone, USB type C
– System requirements: 64-bits desktop computer (Windows 10+, macOS 12+, Ubuntu LTS 20.04+) excluding ARM Processors.
– Compatible with smartphones: iOS 13+ or Android 9+
– Not compatible with Chromebooks!
– Display: A black and white E Ink curved touch screen
– Display size: 3.7 inch
– Resolution: 400×672 pixels
– Display colors: 16 scales of gray
– Digital asset support: 500+ different crypto & tokens supported on the Ledger Live app
– Ethereum and Polygon NFTs supported on the Ledger Live app
– More than 5000 crypto, tokens, and NFTs supported when using a third-party wallet

The timing of the new announcement is also quite right with the recent crypto market developments and more and more people taking their crypto off exchanges into self-custody wallets. A good hardware crypto wallet should be not only for storing your coins securely, but also for easily doing so and it should go not only as a cold storage solution, but as an actually easy to use wallet for quick and payments as well. Is Ledger Stax going to deliver on all of these expectations… it is still early to say, but it sure does look promising at the moment, so we would love to see and play around with it when it comes out next year.

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