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One of the newest cloud mining services called MarketsCX had been experiencing downtime for almost a day already with no official information about the problem so far. Yesterday at some point the service started introducing BTC cloud mining functionality and soon after that the website gone offline. There was an announcement posted on the website just a bit before it went offline about the possibility of downtime due to the upgrade of the service, but now users of the service (we included) are worrying that it might have been all a very well made scam. The service has been running quite smooth with just some minor hiccups since it has been launched not long ago until this problem and the fact that about a day later and there is still no official information from the service operators anywhere rises a lot of concerns. It could all be caused by technical issues from upgrading the service to support BTC as well, but not properly announcing that to users is something that really kills the trust in the service itself. That is if it is not a very well designed and realized scam to get away with a lot of Litecoins from users, if this was the case. We’ll keep monitoring the situation, hoping that the service will be restored back to normal operation soon…

Meanwhile another cloud mining service, namely Bit Mining apparently has finally recovered their service back to normal operation after they recently had some issues caused by hacker attacks. And we are even seeing some new features getting added such as merged mining NMC and DVC along with the Bitcoin mining in the dedicated BTC pool that the service runs. On the other hand, that service also does have very poor communication with users regarding announcements, even though they even have Twitter account and Facebook page they are not using them very actively to announce things like issues or new features. Other even bigger cloud mining services that we’ve used also do seem to have trouble properly communicating with their users, so it seems that the lack of communication is a common problem. This is really an issue for users that have invested their hard earned coins in cloud mining services, especially when there are some problems with the service and there is no clear information on what is going on and when the problem will be resolved.