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The USA-based DISH Network has just announced that it will become the largest company to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment from customers starting the third quarter of the year. DISH has selected Coinbase as the payment processor for Bitcoin transactions with customers who choose to pay their bill online. The company will use Coinbase’s Instant Exchange feature to exchange Bitcoin payments to U.S. dollars at the moment of the transaction.

“We always want to deliver choice and convenience for our customers and that includes the method they use to pay their bills,” said Bernie Han, DISH executive vice president and chief operating officer. “Bitcoin is becoming a preferred way for some people to transact and we want to accommodate those individuals.”

The Bitcoin payment option will be available for DISH customers choosing to make one-time payments on for pay-TV subscription service and of course customers will still have the option to make any payment online via credit card, debit card or bank account.

In fact it is relatively easy for businesses to start accepting Bitcoin payments the way DISH did with the help of a Bitcoin payment processor with the option to exchange the payment from Bitcoins to USD or other currency on the fly. This way the company getting the payment still gets paid the same amount of USD for its services, regardless of the current Bitcoin exchange rate. And the customer paying in Bitcoin will just have to pay a different amount of coins depending on the current exchange rate.