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PascalCoin (PASC) is not a brand new launched altcoin, it has been available for a while already, but the recent addition of the coin to the Poloniex exchange and the high trading volume has sparkled a lot of user interest in the coin. PascalCoin is interesting because of its design to work without a historical operations requirement (no need to download the complete blockchain), yet is still able to control double spending or check balance. PASC is not directly forked from another altcoin and that has its advantages and disadvantages and as a result it is also not very easy to understand how to use it by new users or even ones that already have some experience with other altcoins. This probably also is one of the reasons that there was not much interest in the coin prior to the recent listing on Poloniex, but now new people are rushing in to discover more about it and start mining the coin. You can currently trade Pascal (PASC) coins on TOKOK and qTrade crypto exchanges.

Currently PascalCoin (PASC) only supports solo mining, so you need to have a local running wallet and then run the GPU miner to connect tot he wallet (the latest miner is OpenCL-based), mining with CPU is pointless due to the low hashrate. With solo mining things rely more on the luck you have in the amount of blocks you can mine, but with the current hashrate you might expect to wait something like a day or even two with a 6x GPU mining rig using RX 470/480 video cards and the block reward is 100 coins. Hopefully a pool for mining PascalCoin (PASC) will soon be available as well making things more balanced, especially for people without that much GPU mining power available.

In order to solo mine with the latest PascalCoinMiner v0.2 you need to have a running wallet and then run the miner pointing at the IP address of the wallet running by default on port 4009 (using the -s command line parameter). If you are mining only on a single computer running the wallet you can use localhost, if you want to mine using multiple rigs on a single system running the wallet you will need to use the system’s local network IP address instead. With the -p command line parameter you set the GPU device platform to use (normally it should be 0 for most cases) and with -d you specify the video cards you want to use. The last parameter -n sets the miner name you want to use, below is an example:

PascalCoinMiner.exe -s localhost:4009 -p 0 -d 0,1,2,3,4,5 -n MYNAMEtestMiner

You can download the latest official PascalCoin Wallet Windows Binary from here…
You can download the latest official PascalCoin Miner v0.2 Windows Binary from here…