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It seems that the first FPGA miner (not an ASIC) for mining KASPA (KAS) and its kHeavyHash algorithm might be out now – the Osprey Electronics E300. The device is apparently capable of 14 GH/s hashrate on the kHeavyHash algorithm with power usage of 250-500 Watts depending on settings with future support for ERG and RXD claimed. According to the manufacturer of these devices the E300 is based on Xilinx UltraScale+ VU35P FPGA technology and each miner comes with 3 Hash Boards + 1 Control Board, with each hash board having one Xilinx VU35P (872K LUT, 224Mb on-chip RAM, 8GB HBM2, 420 GB/s Bandwidth) and the control board is based on Xilinx Zynq 7010. The price of the miner on the official website is $4999 USD and it is currently listed as out of stock.

Do note that we have not seen or tried the E300 KASPA FPGA miner ourselves, so we cannot confirm its actual existence and there is very little information about it online. The photos on the Osprey Electronics website of the device do seem to be from an actual AntMiner S9 with the company’s logo on it. There are some screenshots from the miner’s interface that show it mining KAS on from early November as well as an official video showing the miner interface. The same company apparently also makes a Helium (HNT) hotspot miner as well called Osprey hotspot G1 that has slightly more online presence. The official Discord channel does have some more information and things going on around the development of the device, so you might want to check it out if interested and want to ask some more questions. The great thing about FPGAs is that they can be reprogrammed to mine other algorithms or dor other things, unlike ASIC miners that are designed specifically for one task.

Visit the official Osprey Electronics E300 product page…