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BitSwift (SWIFT) bridges the vital gap between business and blockchain. BitSwift is the worlds first decentralized productivity profitability protocol built on top of blockchain and targeted specifically for business. The protocol is open source and defines the incorruptible laws of the network which are distributed across each node cooperating within the BitSwift ecosystem. The BitSwift network blends together the goals of the network with the needs of its users to ensure a productive yet, pleasant, and profitable end user experience. BitSwift indirectly rewards its users for using its services and provides incentive to do so. Instead of financing BitSwift own growth through debt, BitSwift will finance itself and enrich its users simultaneously with the collective participation of the nodes on the network. Bitswift (SWIFT) is a proof of stake and proof of work alternative crypto currency. The proof of stake interest rate is set to 3% annually.


Block Explorer:

Coin Specifications

  • 100% Proof of Stake (PoS)
  • Total money supply: 4 Million SWIFT
  • Difficulty Adjustment: 1 block
  • 3% POS Interest per Year
  • 4 Hour minimum stake age
  • Max Stake Age 20 Days

Mac OS

Source Code:
at GitHub

– RPC Port: 21137
– P2P Port: 21138

Mining Pools:
Not available, the coins is PoS only.

Coin Exchanges: