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Earthcoin (EAC) Scrypt based cryptocoin

19 Jan


EarthCoin (EAC) is a new generation scrypt coin that is a descendant of Litecoin. Like Litecoin – it uses scrypt as a proof of work scheme. EarthCoin uses a 365 day period. It will start with 10,000 coins per block, and it varies in a sine curve with amplitude of 2,000, with a period of one year (like the Earth moving around the Sun). This means that you start with 10,000 coins, and it adjusts at each block, reaches a maximum of 12,000 coins per block after about 3 months, then it will descend gradually to approx 10,000 coins per block again at about 6 months. Then a new minimum of 8000 coins per block at about 9 months. Then we reverse that – to climb and return to 10,000 coins per block at one year, before finally cutting the payout in half.


Block Explorer / Crawler
Not available.


  • Scrypt Algorithm
  • 60 seconds block target
  • Difference retargets each block
  • Total coins will be 13.5 billion coins
  • 5 confirmations for transaction
  • 50 confirmations for minted blocks
  • Support transaction message
  • Normal block on average 10000 coins per block, varies seasonly
  • The block payout will be halved every year, minimum payout 1 coin per block


Source Code
at GitHub


  • RPC Port: 15678
  • P2P Port: 15677



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1 Response to Earthcoin (EAC) Scrypt based cryptocoin

Hunter A Freeman

November 13th, 2021 at 20:39

Looking for a REAL EAC coin pool- Please I already know about Dutch mining If you look at the explorer you can see the other pools I can’t seem to get to them?

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