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Supcoin (SUP) Pluck based Cryptocoin

20 Feb


Supcoin (SUP) is a new alternative crypto currency that was just launched using a new algorithm called Pluck that is SHA256-based with more load on the memory and was supposed to initially be mined with CPU only, but we saw a very quick release of a ccMiner fork that added GPU mining support for Nvidia from djm34. The coin has a relatively small pre-mine that will mostly go for bounties and already has a few pools available for mining, though exchanges are not yet available. It is an interesting new project that you might want to check out and there is definitely an interest since you can already even rent hashrate from MiningRigRentals with the new Pluck algorithm. Betarigs has also apparently added the new algorithm, but there are no mining rigs available to rent there yet. So it is a project that you might want to check out as it might turn out to be an interesting alternative crypto coin.


Block Explorer / Crawler
Not yet available.


  • Pluck Algorithm
  • PoW-only coin
  • 5 minute block time
  • ~580000 SUP coins total
  • 10 Coins per block
  • Block reward halves every 100 days, starting at 10 coins per block
  • Reasonably small premine of 100 blocks worth, with bounties


Source Code
at GitHub

Pluck CPU miner (source)
Pluck Nvidia GPU miner (source)
Pluck AMD GPU miner



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