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KnCMiner has just announced their first Litecoin mining ASIC device already available for pre-order with a Q2/Q3 shipping date, 100 MHS minimum Scrypt mining hashrate and a price of $9995 USD (without VAT). Not much information is available for the moment, but trusting KnCMiner is much safer than Alpha Technology who have not yet released a product on the market, unlike KnC who have some history and good feedback from users that have purchased Bitcoin ASIC devices from them. Note that Alpha Technology has also announced target for shipping for Q2/Q3 this year, but their Scrypt ASIC devices are rated at up to 25 MHS and you will need to pay £5450 UK pounds (without VAT) for that. So if you haven’t pre-ordered a Viper Scrypt miner from Alpha Technology then it is much more reasonable to go for the 100 MHS KnCMiner Titan Scrypt ASIC. Meanwhile Gridseed remains the only company currently making Scrypt-capable ASIC devices and shipping them on the market, so that is the only option you have for the moment for an LTC ASIC device. It is also interesting to note that current customers queuing for a Neptune SHA-256 ASIC are able to exchange their queue if they are more interested in the newly announced Titan Scrypt ASIC miner.

For a bit more information about the upcoming KnCMiner 100 MHS Titan Litecoin Mining ASIC…