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There have been numerous attempts for making websites listing various crypto currency related events such as new coin launches, but none has been very successful for long. Reasons for the lack of success lie in many factors, but most often the dependence on a single user actively maintaining and supporting these sites is the common failure point. At some point the person maintaining the listing website loses interest, does not have the time required or has some other reasons to stop maintaining it up to date and things start spiraling down… we have seen many examples over the years. There is however a new interesting project that can finally offer an interesting alternative and be there on the long run because of the way it operates. The website in question is called CoinMarketCal and is a community driven cryptocurrency events calendar…

This new cryptocurrency events calendar is essentially being maintained by its users. The visitors are the people that can not only explore the available events, but also can add events (providing proof) and their submissions are being validated with the help of a voting system (users also validate events getting rid of fake news). There is even the option for users submitting events to also get a reward in the form of a tip sent from other visitors with Bitcoins as a BTC address can be also be left by the contributor. The last part with the rewards does not seem to be generating much, if anything at all, for the event contributors at this point, but with the growth of the project that feature might also get more attention for the good contributions.

All in all the project does seem to be promising and with more users and some further improvements, especially in the part regarding the browsing of published events, things can get interesting and even more useful. We like good projects that provide usability for people, so we definetly recommend that you check the CoinMarketCal website and give it a go, maybe even contribute some interesting crypto related events or find some interesting ones that you might have missed. We like the idea and the current implementation and with a bit more polishing and usability improvements… who knows it might turn up to be a great resource for crypto users. We are going to be keeping an eye on the project and probably so should you.

To visit the CoinMarketCal Community Driven Cryptocurrency Events Calendar…