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The Bitcoin cloud mining service GigaHash has introduced a new cloud mining plan called GHASH3 introducing about 50 THS more worth of hashrate available for purchase. The price per GHS for the new Bitcoin cloud mining plan is 0.00217000 BTC or $0.52 USD which is a bit higher than previous GHASH2 plans (some hashrate is still available for these as well), but the daily maintenance fee is now lowered for the new plans to just $0.0007 USD per GHS per day. There is also apparently another new cloud mining plan to be available soon called PPC1 for Peercoin SHA256 cloud mining with the same rice parameters as the GHASH3 Bitcoin cloud mining plans.

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The Bitcoin cloud mining service GigaHash has received their order of 52 units of Bitmain AntMiner S5 ASIC miners and they are already in operation a few days earlier than the initially promised date of no later than June 9th. Currently there are more than 48 THS worth of hashrate available for purchase as some of it was already purchased by users on pre-order. So at the moment the total Bitcoin mining hashrate that the service has is about 210 THS for Bitcoin mining. If you are interested in purchasing some hashrate at this smaller European mining operation you can now do so with a price of 0.00157500 BTC or about $0.37 USD per GHS with an unlimited term contract (until it is profitable to mine) with a daily maintenance fee of $0.00117 USD per GHS. The daily earnings of the service have been pretty stable lately at about 525-530 satoshi per GHS in the form of dividends that are paid after deducting the maintenance fee. We don’t know about you, but we are planning to increase our hashrate in the service as so far things are working great and problem free after our initial first month of testing and we see a nice potential for even further growth.

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The GigaHash Bitcoin cloud mining service that we have started testing about a month ago has recently sold out their GHASH2 batch of 50 THS hashrate bringing the total Bitcoin cloud mining hashrate sold to customers to 150 THS. Since they are waiting for another 60 THS worth of mining hardware to expand the mining farm to 210 THS they have just added a pre-order option for the new hardware consisting of 52 units of Bitmain AntMiner S5 devices that are expected to be available and running before June 9th. The pre-order price is currently set at 0.00152500 BTC or about $0.36 USD per GHS for the upcoming hashrate (maintenance fee is $0.00117 USD per GHS) and you can already order. Do note that the GHASH2 batch 2 Bitcoin cloud mining hashrate will not start mining for you immediately, it should when the hardware arrives in about two weeks from now! So far we are quite happy with the performance, reliability and profitability of the service, so we do plan to invest some more into hashrate with the upcoming new mining hardware.

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