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Bitcoin Price Has Passed the $700 USD Mark

13 Jun


There is still a month before the second Bitcoin block reward halving occurs, but the last two weeks or so the exchange rate of Bitcoin has been steadily increasing from a little over $400 USD to over $700 already. The driving force behind this a bit unexpected significant increase is considered to be the Chinese markets that have been quite active lately with a lot of people buying bitcoins as a means of investment instead of keeping their fiat money (getting devaluated) or investing in other more traditional means such as stocks or gold for example. With this serious increase in price even before the halving of the block reward (the second one for Bitcoin) some of the people that jumped in early have managed to already get a nice profit. The big question however is how high will the BTC price go before the halving occurs and after it happens early next month…

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1 Response to Bitcoin Price Has Passed the $700 USD Mark


June 14th, 2016 at 07:50

My bet is 1200$ :)

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