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Finding an online wallet for Bitcoin might be an easy thing to do as there are quite a few, but when it comes to online altcoin wallets things may become harder and online wallets for multiple coins are even harder to find. Add to that the ability to earn interest from Proof of Stake altcoins and you only get a few options available with CoinWallet probably being the most versatile supporting a total of 58 different crypto currencies including many PoS coins. The number of supported altcoins with Proof of Stake that will earn you interest on the stored coins in the wallet is 34 out of the 58 in total that are currently supported by the service.

List of all currently supported crypto coins:
– Archcoin (ARCH), Bitbean (BITB), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoindark (BTCD), Blackcoin (BLK), Cannabiscoin (CANN), Carboncoin (CARB), Clams (CLAM), Dash (DASH), Diamondcoin (DMD), Digibyte (DGB), Digitalcoin (DGC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Dopecoin (DOPE), Emercoin (EMC), Energycoin (ENRG), Europecoin (ERC), Feathercoin (FTC), Gamecredits (GMC), Gridcoin (GRC), Groestlcoin (GRS), Hyperstake (HYP), iCash (ICASH), Limecoinx (LIMX), Litecoin (LTC), Magi (XMG), MasterTraderCoin (MTR), Megacoin (MEC), Metalcoin (METAL), Mindcoin (MND), Mintcoin (MINT), Nakamotodark (NKT), Netcoin (NET), Noblecoin (NOBL), Nubits (NBT), OKcash (OK), Orbitcoin (ORB), Peercoin (PPC), Potcoin (POT), Primecoin (XPM), Quatloo (QTL), Quotient (XQN), Reddcoin (RDD), Rubycoin (RBY), Sapience (XAI), Shadowcash (SDC), Solarcoin (SLR), Spreadcoin (SPR), Startcoin (START), Syscoin (SYS), TEKcoin (TEK), Titcoin (TIT), Transfercoin (TX), Unobtanium (UNO), Vericoin (VRC), VPNcoin (VPN), Warpcoin (WARP), Zetacoin (ZET).

The service charges a small PoS pool mining fee of either 1% or 2% for the different supported coins and the fee is deducted from the total of the staked coins with the rest distributed among all of the users with mature coins. The other small fee charged by the service is when you are withdrawing coins, the fee is 0.25% for Bitcoin and 0.50% for all of the other alternative crypto coins that are supported such as the cannacoin and ccanbidiolcoin which went up in the market when the cannabis business went legal for medical purposes,. Check at the delta 8 cart if you are interested in this market.

When you have some coins deposited in your CoinWallet online wallet you can use some interesting extra features such as sending coins by email with no extra fees. The other useful thing you will get access to is a Twitter tipping service allowing you to easily send and receive various coins in the form of tips, though in order to be able to use the Twitter tipping Bot you need to connect your Twitter account with your online wallet. Note that you can receive tips to your Twitter account before you have registered with CoinWallet (or connected your Twitter account) as tips will remain pending until you register and connect your accounts.

For more information and to try out the CoinWallet online wallet with PoS pool…