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Lyrabar (LYB) is a new alternative crypto currency using the Lyra2RE as a proof-of-work algorithm. It is an altcoin for hobbyists by hobbyists designed to be fair, successful, community-driven cryptocurrency. It does not come with big promises that will never be met, does not come with premine and is not traded on large exchanges from day 1, so the idea is to build an user community and slowly expand along the way. The coin can be mined using CPUs, or AMD and Nvidia GPUs and a VTC merged mining support should come at some point in the future. If you haven’t being interested in the altcoin launches lately like many of the “older” GPU miners that got tired of scam coins, then you might want to check out the Lyrabar (LYB), though there is nothing guaranteed here either.


Block Explorer / Crawler


  • Lyra2RE Algorithm
  • PoW-only coin
  • 2.5 minute block time
  • 5 Coins per block
  • 1971000 total LYB coins
  • Block reward will half at blocks 210240, 420480, 630720 (one year between each)
  • Last PoW block is 840960
  • Difficulty retargeting with Kimoto’s Gravity Well
  • Stealth addresses (experimental, use at own risk)


Source Code
at GitHub


  • RPC Port: 4047
  • P2P Port: 4046