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We have found another interesting mobile-oriented crypto project called MIB Coin (MIB) where everything is done with a smartphone including mining of MIB coins, so we had to give it a try.
MIB stands for Mobile Integrated Blockchain, a mobile blockchain where coins can be mined with a regular Android or iOS-based smartphone via a dedicated application. The project comes form Asia with apparently strong interest in Korea and China, and it seems that not that much interest from the rest of the world for the moment. The MIB coin is traded on Probit, a Korean exchange, as well as CoinBene, a Chinese one with a daily volume of less than 2 BTC at the moment and total market capitalization of about 50. According to CoinMarketCap at the moment for writing this MIB Coin (MIB) is ranked at 1113th place in terms of Market capitalization. The interesting thing here is that the mining can only be done on smartphone, unlike most other similar projects that may have a more efficient mobile miner, but can also be mined on CPU or even GPU with much higher speed, for MIB Coin there are only Android and Apple iPhone miners available.

We have downloaded and tried the MIB Miner Android application, there is one also for Apple iOS smartphones with both not available on the official Application Stores, you need to download and install manually from the official MIB website. On the left of the image above you can see the regular MIB Miner and on the right the MIB Miner Controller application designed for smartphone mining farms apparently. The miner itself requires you to register and generate a wallet address for mining, the mining part of the software is pretty basic and user friendly, no advanced options available. You only select the pool (the default one does not seem to work apparently, but there is a list to choose from) and the load that the miner will have on the smartphone. It seems that the miner may not be very demanding and can be used on battery without performance loss, though it stops mining if the app loses focus, so you must use your phone for mining exclusively.

You will also need to install a Wallet app and not just the mining one, as although the miner can generate a wallet for you, you do not have control for sending or even monitoring the amount of mined coins. Having everything in a single app might’ve been easier for the user in our opinion. We are not sure how things are regarding any monitoring or fail-safe on the hardware status of the smartphone you use for mining such as temperature monitoring to prevent overheating that will stop mining immediately for instance. So far the best we have seen i terms of a mobile mining software is the one from Scala (XLA) and it would be great if other projects can look into the mining software this crypto project has.

For more information you can check out the official MIB Coin (MIB) website…