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Raven (RVN) is an interesting coin that has been under the radar for many people up until recently when it got hyped and the interest in it has grown seriously in the past days. Initially the coin was only CPU mineable, then a ccMiner version with support for the X16r algorithm used by the coin was introduced for Nvidia miners by tpruvot however that miner has been a bit troublesome for many users due to power spikes and mining systems rebooting, so people had to reduce TDP or downclock and suffer performance loss in order to mine stable. Fortunately there is a new improved miner available now – ccMiner Enemy 1.03 that offers better performance and more stable mining with higher TDP and clocks (still depending on your hardware).

The ccMiner Enemy 1.03 fork for Raven (RVN) mining is available only as a 32-bit Windows binary for the moment and is compiled for CUDA 8, it supports the X16r algorithm used by RVN as well as X17. For better performance the latest 390.xx drivers from Nvidia are recommended, so make sure you are up to date. If you are mining Raven (RVN) or had plans to do so, but were set back by the problems from the initial miner you should definitely try the new release as it should handle much better. AMD miners are still unable to mine Raven as there is no compatible X16r miner available yet, though there is a substantial bounty for anyone willing to make one.

To download and try the new ccMiner Enemy 1.03 fork for Raven (RVN) mining on Nvidia GPUs…