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Testing Cloud Mining Bitcoins at CEX IO

17 Jan


CEX.IO is the leading Bitcoin Cloud Mining and Commodity Exchange at the moment where you can purchase hashrate and start mining for BTC immediately. All of the mining hardware and software is cloud hosted and managed for you, so you don’t have to do anything besides purchase some KH/s, MH/s or even GH/s.

Benefits you get with CEX cloud mining for Bitcoins:

– The hashrate you purchase is yours for life.
– You can sell your hashrate the moment you decide.
– No technical knowledge required to mine for Bitcoin.
– No hardware to maintain yourself, so it is very easy to start.
– No software to configure, support or monitor.
– Collective mining, where the chance of getting a reward gets bigger proportionally to the overall pool capacity.
– All mining hardware is kept safe and maintained properly in a full featured data-center.
– No cooling or space-related problems or big electricity bills as with dedicated hardware.
– No power or network connection losses, your hashrate is stable and guaranteed.
– 0% pool fee, yes No FEE for the mining pool, so this means higher profit for you.
– Real-time Stats (see how much you’ve mined, how the system is doing, etc).
– Automatically mining some other coins (NMC, IXC, DVC) as an extra bonus.

But how does all of this work in the real world? We decided to try it out and already a week has passed out, so it is time to report what we have earned mining BTC in the cloud with a hash rate of about 187 GH/s that we have purchased. The total earnings we have accumulated in the course of 7 days equal to 0.39040324 BTC or more than $300 USD at the current exchange rate BTC/USD. And the best thing is that if we sell the GHS we have purchased in order to turn them back to Bitcoin at this moment we are going to get an extra 5% due to the higher exchange rate per GHS since the time we have purchased the hashrate. So just for one week you can say that our invested coins in BTC Cloud Mining have managed to give us about 10% profit… not bad at all.

You can check out the Bitcoin Cloud Mining services offered by CEX IO here…

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