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Bitcoin and Litecoin Prices Going Up

17 Jun


After quite some time with pretty stable, but low prices the exchange rate of BTC and LTC seems to be climbing up to more attractive levels for both miners and traders. Bitcoin has stabilized at the $250 USD level and Litecoin has reached the $3 USD level, but aside from the question what has caused the resent spikes in price there is another important question – will the prices get back to their previous levels, stabilize at their new levels or continue to rise. This is actually the hard part to predict, but the good thing is that there is finally some action going on on the market and better prices can also help the bit stagnant home mining segment… that is if they keep at a high level or continue to rise. This is especially important for small scale mining operations that are having hard time remaining profitable and with a ROI time in foreseeable future. So let us see what is going to happen in the following few days…

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