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YbCoin (YBC) POS Alternative Cryptocoin

11 Feb


YBCoin (YBC) is short for Yuan Bao Coin, a popular Chinese altcoin. The current release is based on the PPC Peershares source code. With the YBCoin development team’s effort, YBC has become the top Chinese cryptocurrency. The YBC community now has more than 100 thousand users, and it keeps growing. Boasting a $3,000,000+ market cap, strong infrastructure, and stable growth, it is clear that YBCoin has secured its place in the crypto world. Unfortunately most of the coin’s resources are not yet available in English, even though they are trying to appeal and get it out and available for people outside of China.


Block Explorer:

Coin Specifications

  • PoS Only Cryptocoin
  • 3 Million Total coins
  • VPOW(Virtual POW Mining), distribute YBC through
  • Revoke Proof of Work mechanism (POW mining), interest rate of Proof of Stake mechanism (POS mining) adjusts to 1% per year.


Source Code:
at GitHub

Mining Pools:
None available, the coin is PoS only.

Coin Exchanges:

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