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Cryptosteel – The Ultimate Cold Wallet

18 May


Cryptosteel is an interesting project for an almost indestructible stainless steel offline wallet to store your private keys and passwords offline. Cryptosteel comes with 3 stainless steel sheets full of engraved letters – all caps and digits, so that you can design your cold wallet storage of up to 64 characters in minutes without the need of special tools. You create the secret content yourself, so you can use it not only as an offline crypto currency wallet, but for storing other important passwords or data as well.

How does Cryptosteel work?
– Simply punch out desired numbers and letters from sheets provided
– Slide them into the stainless steel container
– Secure snap on the side and slide wallet close
– No electricity or tools required
– No sharing of confidential info with 3rd parties


The cryptosteel is not yet available, but the people behind the project are almost ready to launch a crowdfunding campaign to get it in the hands of the most eager users who want to get it first. The Cryptosteel Cold Wallet crowdfunding campaign will start on Indiegogo on 20th of May, so in just a few days you will be able to reserve your spot to be among the first to get the device.

For more information about the Cryptosteel cold wallet crowdfunding…

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