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The latest release of the XMRig 6.0.0-Beta comes with support for the KAWPOW algorithm used by Ravencoin (RVN) for both AMD and Nvidia GPUs. Although we are often associating XMRig with CPU mining for RandomX, it also supports a number of algorithms and mining on GPUs as well. We have tried KAWPOW support and frankly had some trouble making it work on two different Radeon RX 580 mining rigs as well as one GTX 1080 Ti rig, so we are back to using TeamRedMiner as the best performing solution for AMD GPUs and T-Rex for Nvidia for the moment as far as RVN mining is concerned.

We remind you that XMRig is an open source GPU ad GPU miner available for Windows and Liunx operating systems, the official pre-compiled binaries are with 1% developer fee, though you can compile yourself with zero fee from the source code should you wish and can.

To download and try the latest version of the XMRig miner with KAWPOW algorithm support…

The XMR-STAK-RX RandomX miner has been updated to version 1.0.5 bringing support for two crypto projects that use a variation of the RandomX CPU mining algorithm – Kevacoin (KEVA) and Safex Cash (SFX). Kevacoin (KEVA) uses the RandomKEVA and Safex Cash (SFX) uses the RandomSFX algorithms respectively, though both are based on the RandomX algorithm as a base and are doing better performance wise on recent AMD Ryzen CPUs than on Intel processors. Alternative miners with support for RandomX and the RandomKEVA RandomSFX are SRBMiner-MULTI and XMRig, though have in mind that the XMR-STAK-RX miner does not have a development fee like those two others. Does the lack of a dev fee in the XMR-STAK-RX RandomX CPU miner make it a better choice, well you should compare what performance you are getting on your own hardware for the algorithm you are mining.

To download and try the newly released XMR-STAK-RX 1.0.5 for RandomX mining…

The latest release of the XMRig 5.10.0 comes with support for the AstroBWT algorithm on AMD GPUs, besides the already available CPU mining support, along with some optimizations for the algorithm used by the DERO project since a fork switching the algorithm earlier this month. another important change in the miner is that the cn/gpu algorithm is now disabled by default and will be removed in next major release (v6.x.x), as well as a major TLS (Transport Layer Security) subsystem update. As far as AMD GPU performance on the AstroBWT algorithm compared to CPU mining, an AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB does seem to produce a hashrate slower than that of a mid-range CPU. A higher-end processor such as AMD Ryzen 3900X could be as much as 4 times faster than a RX 580 GPU, so AMD GPU mining may not be that attractive for AstroBWT.

To download and try the latest version of the XMRig miner with RandomX algorithm support…