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Bitcoin and Litecoin Exchange Rate Going Up

26 Jan


After a pretty long period of keeping low prices Bitcoin and Litecoin may have started to finally recover to a higher levels, currently the BTC exchange rate is back to over $300 USD and LTC is above $2 USD. Definitely good news for people with small mining operations or using cloud mining services that were worried about their investments that were at risk with the possibility of contracts getting terminated. A quick look at CEX.IO however shows that cloud mining there is still unprofitable even at the current prices with the automatic settings to turn on cloud mining when it is again profitable. At the same time however we are still seeing a trend for the network difficulty of Bitcoin to go down and for Litecoin to keep at pretty much the same level after getting down significantly lately. With the current prices we are expecting to see some mining operations getting back online after being stopped due to the low exchange rate, especially mining operations that are working on the mine and sell immediately model. We’ll have to wait and see how things will go from here on…

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1 Response to Bitcoin and Litecoin Exchange Rate Going Up


January 27th, 2015 at 15:26

Yeah, that is why I bought SH256 GHS at Genesis and AMhash (formerly Hashie) :0

Did a forecast/prediction, which showed mining difficulty would be falling this year on BTC due to it’s sub-$334 price. Making it less risky to buy cloudmining, even if the ROI would be closer to 12 months then 5 months :)

Because, gravity well difficulty is not adjusted live on the BTC network (set every 2 weeks or so) it has yet to be reduced.

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