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3D Hubs Starting to Accept Bitcoin Payments

11 Mar


3D Hubs, a community that connects people around the world with 3D printers and people that need something 3D printed, has just announced with a post on Twitter that it has partnered with BitPay to start accepting Bitcoin payments. Currently the service has over 13000 users with 3D printers from around the world registered and offering their services to print models for customers to pick up locally or get shipped to them. The customers that pay for the service of getting their 3D model printed will apparently now also be able to pay with Bitcoins.

3D printing and Bitcoin are new technologies that seem to be like a good match, we’ve already seen some companies selling 3D printers, parts and filament for them for Bitcoins. So the step that one of the largest 3D printer owner communities 3D Hubs has taken to integrate Bitcoin support is more than welcome by the people using the service, both as customers and as service providers.

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